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Common purchase queries answered

Orders and Shipping

Go to ➣ Login in (menus) ➣ create your Account /use Google login its Simple

Go to My Account ➣ Address ➣ Add/Edit Your Shipping Address

Go to ➣ menu ➣ ✈ Track Order ➣ Put Order Tracking Id


We Send Tracking Detail  ( cheak Your email)

No We do not keep your credit card Information 

As per government Rules We Charge Sales Including Tax as per Product do you have

Yes We Ship Globally 

Yes Same time Orders Will dispatch Same/One Package.

For More:

🠺 Call ➣ +91 7980858073 / +91 7003386026

🠺 WhatsApp  ➣ +91 6291191411

🠺 Email ➣ [email protected]

If you need to swap an item

Returns and Exchanges

  • Return Time
    • If you are not happy with the product you have received, don’t worry. You can always ship it back to us within 5 days without any deductions.
  • Return Process
    • Return will be processed in either of the following two ways: self return or pick-up. Pick-up process is only available to particular set of orders and not all, hence you have to self return the product in the case where pick-up service is not available. We request you to use a reputed courier with proper tracking number in case of Self Return. Mirraw will not bear the return shipping charges.
  • Refunds/Replacements
    • If you wish to replace a damaged product, we will send you a new one. We can also refund the amount to your credit card/bank account or offer you a store credit redeemable towards future purchases.

When You Recieved Wrong item from Our Site You Only able to Replase  The Item

Return Your Order we get Replace the Damaged Product

Go to My Account ➣ Orders ➣Your Order show ➣ Right side Click Cancel/Return

There is 3 Type Of Support That We Provide

🠺 Call ➣ +91 7980858073 / +91 7003386026

🠺 WhatsApp  ➣ +91 6291191411

🠺 Email ➣ [email protected]

You Need to Change Your Shipping Address

Go to My Account ➣ Address ➣ Add/Edit Your Shipping Address

We Provide Some Specific Item that Pre-order You Can Contact Us For More Information

🠺 Call ➣ +91 7980858073 / +91 7003386026

🠺 Whatsapp  ➣ +91 6291191411

🠺 Email ➣ [email protected]

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